Hi I’m Kiera, a designer focused on working with users to improve their connection to the products they interact with and systems they are apart of.

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Stars N' Stripes

Design Research, UX, UI, Branding

un : Collaborative Coloring

Design Research, UX, UI, Branding, Packaging


Design Research, UX, UI, Branding


Design Research, UX, UI, Branding

About Me

Low-fi to high-fi and all I need is some WIFI! I’m an empathy obsessed, user testing fiend who’s always ready to hit the ground running. You can call me Kiera (keer-ah), but I also respond to “hey you with the blue hair.”

I enjoy exploring different industries, mediums, and new ways of thinking so I can be adaptable and better understand those I collaborate with.

When I’m not designing interfaces, researching, or turning “trash” into prototyping treasure, you can find me cuddling with cats, pigging out on Τιροκατέρη (Tirokateri), or getting lost down a rabbit hole of Medium articles.